Two Peas for Spring

Peas in all their glory love to hang out in the spring breezes watching for new butterflies, scampering lizards and other spring creatures coming back to life. We'll see soon if grasshoppers like to taste spring peas too. Yes we all have our challenges.



We've been offering Tevas for close to 30 years.

Springtime in the desert

The daffodils are in bloom and the mountain has snow. This is spring in the high desert. Warm days and cold nights has us dressing in sandals and boots all in the same day. It's why we love it here.
Speaking of sandals take a look at what we have in the store. In time for spring break you'll find our new collection of comfortable Naot sandals and cute fun Teva sandals.


The Christmas Can Can


Here's a bunch of guys that really know how to have fun. Straight No Chaser is from Indiana and have incredible talent and spark. Enjoy.


Happy Halloween

Even the fairies like to have a little fun this time of year. Go ahead and let your hair down and have a little fun yourself. You deserve it, right? Hoo's to object?


Pansy Time

Yellow Pansies are my favorite way to add color to a fall and winter flower beds. The blooms always look like they are smiling at you with great enthusiasm. They love sun, rain and snow and look like they are artificial because their color is so brilliant. They are a regular feature at Desert Dancer from now until April. So stop by and take a moment to smile back at the pansies and brighten up your day.


Best Gift Shop 2011

We fretted, we worried and we wrung our hands. Every year for the last eight we have wondered if we could please our customers again. We wondered if anyone remembered us and our efforts to be the best we could be, again this year. Well guess what, it was a Love Fest! We love our customers and they love us. Thank you so much for voting for us again this year for, BEST GIFT SHOP in the Readers' Choice Award in The Verde Independent Newspaper. We really really appreciate it very much. Now where do we get to vote for best customers?

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Buy Local

It's been a busy spring here at Desert Dancer. We changed software for our store checkout computers. The company we use has a fun blog and here is a photo from it.
Here are the top ten reasons for buying local. My favorite reason is number ten 'It's more charming". We aim to be charming and of course we hope you aim to buy local. If you click on the photo it will enlarge so you can read it better.


What I learned from a Bok Choy Flower

This flower is from my Bok Choy plant in my garden. It survived a very cold winter here in the high desert. The flower appeared and I knew it must be picked. The flower held it's head high and faced the sun. The bloom signaled the Bok Choy was passing it's prime so I picked it and stuck the flower in a vase and it continued to bloom for a few more days. The Bok Choy made for a wonderful salad and it's flower a lovely center piece. So eat your veggies and enjoy spring flowers.


Mermaid Dreams

It just must be this time of year when we long for the beach. Thinking about the rhythm of the waves, the moist air and the call of the mermaids. The sun and the sand removes all other thoughts. The big concerns of the world seem so distant and belonging to someone else. Sunscreen, a hat and a sarong is all you need to relax.
I suppose having a shop that provides all those things might be responsible these mermaid dreams. Stock up and listen carefully for the mermaids.


Spring or snow, you never know.

In the high desert country you never know what wondrous weather we'll be having. We love our sunshine but also the wildflowers that the snow supplies. So go with the flow and welcome spring no matter what comes our way, just be sure to enjoy your day.



Good Clean Living!

Can't be too rich or too clean! Looky at all the great Christmas Soaps we have!
Tuck in a stocking or that Christmas box to ship. They make nice smelling hostess or teacher gifts. Maybe one for the dog groomer (who must use a lot of soap). You could make up a basket with several for your powder room or your neighbor's. Handy to have on hand for last minute guests. They are just yummy!