What I learned from a Bok Choy Flower

This flower is from my Bok Choy plant in my garden. It survived a very cold winter here in the high desert. The flower appeared and I knew it must be picked. The flower held it's head high and faced the sun. The bloom signaled the Bok Choy was passing it's prime so I picked it and stuck the flower in a vase and it continued to bloom for a few more days. The Bok Choy made for a wonderful salad and it's flower a lovely center piece. So eat your veggies and enjoy spring flowers.


Mermaid Dreams

It just must be this time of year when we long for the beach. Thinking about the rhythm of the waves, the moist air and the call of the mermaids. The sun and the sand removes all other thoughts. The big concerns of the world seem so distant and belonging to someone else. Sunscreen, a hat and a sarong is all you need to relax.
I suppose having a shop that provides all those things might be responsible these mermaid dreams. Stock up and listen carefully for the mermaids.