It's Coming

Christmas countdown banner
Ready or not it's time to prepare. I think all our Christmas ornaments are arriving today so I went out back and spray painted some of our fallen pine cones gold as well as some baskets that were spring colors. I'm getting in the mood now that our boxed Christmas cards have landed so I better start my personal list. We prepare all year for the store but now it's my turn.


Sunflowers Everywhere

You just see them everywhere as you're out driving or walking and you can't help smiling back at their beautiful faces. I'm positive each one has a name. Fall is coming and I for one am ready.


Buy Local Cartoon

Why Shop Local?

Being a small business it is very easy to say please shop local and forget the big stores. But we have avoided that approach for several reasons. First we think there is room for all types of businesses in our community. Next you should be free to shop where you wish without feeling guilty. Also I think sometimes you can have a poor us attitude that is not healthy or attractive for anyone. We could ask you to shop in town, not on line and not at big box stores but would that be nice? I don't think so but we do love it when you shop with us. We love seeing you, serving you and helping you find the perfect things and most fun is fixing things up pretty. You make our day and we hope to make your day too. Our national retail group sent us this video that talks about all the benefits of shopping locally. Share your opinions.


Party Animal

Everyone loves their dog. A dog tends to cheer you up and makes you smile.
Just thought I'd share mine with you to make you smile.....Cha Cha Cha.