Lemon Sale Begins

Every year we celebrate the Fourth of July with a Lemon Sale. We gather up leftovers, extras, backroom treasures, dinged items and odds and ends along with a few lemons.
We serve lemonade and lemon cookies, so join us sometime this weekend because what could be better than bargains and cookies? Did I mention a whole jewelry case slashed to half price?

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For the birds

Be kind to your fine feathered friends. Listen to those beautiful morning songs and shop for yourself or other bird lovers at Desert Dancer. Did you plant any sunflowers for the Goldfinches?


Vacation Time

We hope all our friends and customers get to take a vacation this summer even if it's only a long weekend. If not be sure to take one in your mind. A little Plumeria or White Ginger Lotion might just put you in an island mood.
If you do travel be sure to pick up your vacation supplies at Desert Dancer. You'll find Anti-Bug Balm, Sunscreen Lotion, Travel Bags, Sandals, Folding Fans, Hostess Gifts, Incense Matches (for hotel rooms), Soaps (I hate hotel soaps), Massage Oil for leisurely evenings, Sarongs for the beach, journals (to record your thoughts and places you went and people you met) and more.
Be sure to pick up some postcards and send us one. Happy June Everyone!
For lotions, oils, fragrances and more visit www.desertdancer.net

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